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Automatically resizes images labeled at Retina sizes to lower resolutions. Plop an @2x image into an images folder, and get the normal version too. This must be used with the Brunch build tool.


retina-brunch is designed to be an npm package for use with the build tool Brunch. To install this as a dependency for your Brunch repository, run npm install --save retina-brunch, which will add a line to your package.json file.


By default, retina-brunch looks in the images directory in the public folder (the output folder) specified in your Brunch configuration. It then collects all the Retina files matching the regular expression /(@2[xX])\.(?:gif|jpeg|jpg|png)$/ and creates normal versions by halving the height and width and depositing the file in the same directory as the original.

Configuration Options

retina-brunch can be customized by adding retina to the plugins section of your The values for each of the options given below are the defaults.

exports.config =
      regexp: /(@2[xX])\.(?:gif|jpeg|jpg|png)$/
      path: 'images'
      assetsPath: 'public'
      minWidth: 0
      minHeight: 0
  • RegExp regexp takes a Coffeescript/Javascript regular expression with exactly one group (if you specify more, they will be ignored; if you specify fewer, it will break) specifying the string that distinguishes a Retina file from a normal file. By convention, this is normally @2x or @2X. The name of the normal file will be determined by removing this group. The image resizing tool does not support image formats other than those already specified.
  • String path is the path to your images folder within the public folder specified in, or any directory you want to monitor for files matching the Retina regular expresssion.
    • String assetsPath allows you to specify a folder other than public for retina-brunch to work in. Can be set to e.g. ./app/assets.
  • Integer minHeight and minWidth filter the files which are processed. In particular, a file's dimensions needs to be above both the minimum height and width for it to be processed.


Watch & compile changes: coffee --watch --output lib/ src/


It would be interesting to add support for sizes greater than @2x. If one specified @3x for example, this would generate both a @2x and normal version.