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retext plugin to check for proper use of diacritics.


What is this?

This package is a unified (retext) plugin to check for certain words that should have diacritics, such as Beyonce -> Beyoncé.

When should I use this?

You can opt-into this plugin when you’re dealing with content that might contain grammar mistakes, and have authors that can fix that content.


This package is ESM only. In Node.js (version 16+), install with npm:

npm install retext-diacritics

In Deno with

import retextDiacritics from ''

In browsers with

<script type="module">
  import retextDiacritics from ''


Say our document example.txt contains:

Beyonce is the creme fresh on his resume.

…and our module example.js contains:

import retextDiacritics from 'retext-diacritics'
import retextEnglish from 'retext-english'
import retextStringify from 'retext-stringify'
import {read} from 'to-vfile'
import {unified} from 'unified'
import {reporter} from 'vfile-reporter'

const file = await unified()
  .process(await read('example.txt'))


…then running node example.js yields:

1:1-1:8   warning Unexpected undiacritical `Beyonce`, did you mean `Beyoncé`           beyonce     retext-diacritics
1:16-1:27 warning Unexpected undiacritical `creme fresh`, did you mean `crème fraîche` creme-fresh retext-diacritics
1:31-1:41 warning Unexpected undiacritical `his resume`, did you mean `his résumé`     his-resume  retext-diacritics

⚠ 3 warnings


This package exports no identifiers. The default export is retextDiacritics.


Check for proper use of diacritics.


There are no parameters.


Transform (Transformer).


The following VFileMessages are used:

source ruleId Incorrect Correct
retext-diacritics angstrom Angstrom Ångström
retext-diacritics a-la-carte a la carte à la carte
retext-diacritics a-la-mode a la mode à la mode
retext-diacritics a-resume a resume a résumé
retext-diacritics acai acai açaí
retext-diacritics angstrom angstrom ångström
retext-diacritics beau-ideal beau ideal beau idéal
retext-diacritics beyonce beyonce beyoncé
retext-diacritics boutonniere boutonniere boutonnière
retext-diacritics bric-a-brac bric-a-brac bric-à-brac
retext-diacritics bronte bronte brontë
retext-diacritics cafe cafe café
retext-diacritics cause-celebre cause celebre cause célèbre
retext-diacritics champs-elysees champs-elysees champs-élysées
retext-diacritics chevre chevre chèvre
retext-diacritics citroen citroen citroën
retext-diacritics cliche cliche cliché
retext-diacritics comme-ci-comme-ca comme ci comme ca comme ci comme ça
retext-diacritics comsi-comsa comsi comsa comme ci comme ça
retext-diacritics consomme consomme consommé
retext-diacritics coup-d'etat coup d'etat coup d'état
retext-diacritics coup-de-grace coup de grace coup de grâce
retext-diacritics creme-brulee creme brulee crème brûlée
retext-diacritics creme-de-menthe creme de menthe crème de menthe
retext-diacritics creme-fraice creme fraice crème fraîche
retext-diacritics creme-fresh creme fresh crème fraîche
retext-diacritics crepe crepe crêpe
retext-diacritics crudites crudites crudités
retext-diacritics curacao curacao curaçao
retext-diacritics debutante debutante débutante
retext-diacritics decor decor décor
retext-diacritics deja-vu deja vu déjà vu
retext-diacritics denouement denouement dénouement
retext-diacritics doppelganger doppelganger doppelgänger
retext-diacritics el-nino el nino el niño
retext-diacritics emigre emigre émigré
retext-diacritics facade facade façade
retext-diacritics fiance fiance fiancé
retext-diacritics fiancee fiancee fiancée
retext-diacritics filmjolk filmjolk filmjölk
retext-diacritics flambe flambe flambé
retext-diacritics fuhrer fuhrer führer
retext-diacritics garcon garcon garçon
retext-diacritics gewurztraminer gewurztraminer gewürztraminer
retext-diacritics haagen-dazs haagen dazs häagen-dazs
retext-diacritics haagen-dazs haagen-dazs häagen-dazs
retext-diacritics her-resume her resume her résumé
retext-diacritics his-resume his resume his résumé
retext-diacritics jalapeno jalapeno jalapeño
retext-diacritics la-nina la nina la niña
retext-diacritics lowenbrau lowenbrau löwenbräu
retext-diacritics lycee lycee lycée
retext-diacritics maitre-d maitre d maître d
retext-diacritics menage-a-trois menage a trois ménage à trois
retext-diacritics monegasque monegasque monégasque
retext-diacritics motley-crue motley crue mötley crüe
retext-diacritics my-resume my resume my résumé
retext-diacritics negligee negligee négligée
retext-diacritics nescafe nescafe nescafé
retext-diacritics paper-mache paper mache papier-mâché
retext-diacritics paper-mache paper-mache papier-mâché
retext-diacritics papier-mache papier-mache papier-mâché
retext-diacritics pina-colada pina colada piña colada
retext-diacritics protege protege protégé
retext-diacritics protegee protegee protégée
retext-diacritics puree puree purée
retext-diacritics quebec quebec québec
retext-diacritics quebecois quebecois québécois
retext-diacritics queensryche queensryche Queensrÿche
retext-diacritics raison-d'etre raison d'etre raison d'être
retext-diacritics risque risque risqué
retext-diacritics roue roue roué
retext-diacritics senor senor señor
retext-diacritics senora senora señora
retext-diacritics senorita senorita señorita
retext-diacritics skoda skoda Škoda
retext-diacritics smorgasbord smorgasbord smörgåsbord
retext-diacritics soiree soiree soirée
retext-diacritics souffle souffle soufflé
retext-diacritics soupcon soupcon soupçon
retext-diacritics tete-a-tete tete-a-tete tête-à-tête
retext-diacritics the-resume the resume the résumé
retext-diacritics their-resume their resume their résumé
retext-diacritics touche touche touché
retext-diacritics ubermensch ubermensch übermensch
retext-diacritics vis-a-vis vis-a-vis vis-à-vis
retext-diacritics voila voila voilà
retext-diacritics your-resume your resume your résumé


This package is fully typed with TypeScript. It exports no additional types.


Projects maintained by the unified collective are compatible with maintained versions of Node.js.

When we cut a new major release, we drop support for unmaintained versions of Node. This means we try to keep the current release line, retext-diacritics@^5, compatible with Node.js 16.



See in retextjs/.github for ways to get started. See for ways to get help.

This project has a code of conduct. By interacting with this repository, organization, or community you agree to abide by its terms.


MIT © Titus Wormer

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