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# resx-to-ts-json

Source code for the resx-to-ts-json node module, originally forked from resx-to-typescript

This node module converts resx files to TypeScript definition files and JSON files.

It supports having nested resources through underscore separated keys in the resx. For example, if you have two resources in your resx with keys "Home_help" and "Home_button", the .d.ts and .json files would look like so:

Home: {
    help: string;
    button: string;

Home: {
    help: "Help string",
    button: "Button text"

The script has two exported functions:

function executeResxToTs(typeScriptResourcesNamespace: string, virtualResxFolder: string, virtualTypeScriptFolder: string): void;
function executeResxToJson(virtualResxFolder: string, virtualJsonFolder: string, fileNameLanguage?: string): void;

executeResxToTs converts all resx files in the virtualResxFolder to TypeScript definition files (.d.ts) with the namespace defined as typeScriptResourcesNamespace and outputs these files to virtualTypeScriptFolder
executeResxToJson converts all resx files in the virtualResxFolder to JSON files (.json) which can be loaded in the application and outputs them to virtualJsonFolder. Optionally, you can specify a fileNameLanguage string to append to the file name, so if "en" was specified, the filename would be filename.en.json.


To use this node module add a reference to your project package.json dependencies.

    "dependencies": {
        "resx-to-ts-json": "1.0.14"

To use the module in for instance a gulp task:

var resxConverter = require('resx-to-ts-json');
resxConverter.executeResxToTs('exampleApp.resources', '/Resources', '/App/Resources');
resxConverter.executeResxToJson('/Resources', '/App/Resources/Json');

where the parameters stand for:

'exampleApp.resources' -> TypeScript module name / namespace for the resource models.
'/Resources' -> Relative folder to scan for .resx files.
'/App/Resources' -> Output directory for TypeScript files
'/App/Resources/Json -> Output directory for JSON files


2017-02-13 Remove unnecessary escaping of single quotes in string values. (v 1.0.14)

2016-09-20 Switched to creating a typescript definition file (.d.ts), json file (.json), and added support for nested resources using '_' between key names. (v 1.0.13)

2016-08-19 Refactored code and added support for multi line resources. (v 1.0.12)

Voilá, the TypeScript models for your resx files are added to your project and ready to use in typescript development/mvc bundling.

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