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A package combining best of two worlds: one of the best design system for react and react native - UI Kitten and Restyle, Shopify's library which provides a type-enforced system for building UI components in React Native with TypeScript.

Just wrap your main app in restyle-ui-kitten context provider, add the colors, mappings, iconPack and restyle config and off you go.


  1. Dark/Light Themes - add a preferred color theme from eva colors and even overwrite dark and light themes colors.
  2. UI Kitten Mapping - add mapping to overwrite the default styles of the components. More about mapping you can find here. Bear in mind that layout styles from mapping are static as the mapping is after all a json file.
  3. Restyle Theme - You can add a restyle theme with createTheme to better control the layout. You can also add the colors from dark/light theme.
  4. IconPack - You can add eva-icons iconPack or custom iconPacks built on "@expo/vector-icons" or react-native-vector-icons.


You can use either npm or yarn to add it to your project. yarn add restyle-ui-kitten or npm install restyle-ui-kitten

  • Supports expo, and react-native
  • Built with TypeScript

Optionally, you may also install these for a custom iconPack and to build your own custom components:

yarn add @shopify/restyle @eva-design/eva @ui-kitten/components react-native-svg 


npm install @shopify/restyle @eva-design/eva @ui-kitten/components react-native-svg 

Quick Start

import { ThemeProvider, useThemeContext } from 'restyle-ui-kitten'
import { SafeAreaProvider } from 'react-native-safe-area-context'
import { StatusBar } from 'expo-status-bar'

import Navigation from 'navigation/.'
import { appMappings, appThemes, iconPack, restyle } from 'assets/.'

export default function App() {
  const { isDarkMode } = useThemeContext()
  return (
    <ThemeProvider iconPack={iconPack} appMappings={appMappings} appThemes={appThemes} restyle={restyle}>
        <Navigation />
        <StatusBar style={isDarkMode() ? 'light' : 'dark'} />

And later in one of your screens...

<View flex={1} justifyContent={'center'}>
  <Text alignSelf={'center'} category={'h1'}>Tab One</Text>
  <View m={'xxl'} borderTopWidth={1} borderTopColor='color-danger-200' />
  <Input marginHorizontal={'xxl'} borderRadius={32} />
    accessoryLeft={(props) => <Icon name='user' {...props} />}
    onPress={() => navigation.navigate('TabTwo')}>
    {'Go to TabTwo'}



The context provider and the theme custom hook can be imported directly.

import { ThemeProvider, useThemeContext } from 'restyle-ui-kitten'

The UI Kitten components can be imported like this:

import { View, Button, Text } from 'restyle-ui-kitten/components'

Configuration examples

UI Kitten Theme

import { light, dark } from '@eva-design/material' // or /eva
import { default as colors } from './custom-theme.json'

export const appThemes: Themes = {
  light: { ...light, ...colors },
  dark: { ...dark, ...colors },

UI Kitten Mapping

import { mapping } from '@eva-design/material' // or /eva
import { default as customMapping } from './custom-mapping.json'

export const appMappings: Record<string, unknown> = {

Restyle Theme

import { createTheme } from '@shopify/restyle'
import * as defaultColors from '@eva-design/material/themes/dark.json'

export const restyle = createTheme({
  colors: {
  spacing: {
    xs: 4,
    s: 8,
    m: 16,
    l: 24,
    xl: 32,
  textVariants: {
    defaults: {
      fontSize: 12,
      lineHeight: 14.5,

export type Theme = typeof restyle


import { EvaIconsPack as iconPack } from '@ui-kitten/eva-icons'

or custom PNG icons

import React from 'react';
import { Image, ImageRequireSource } from 'react-native';

const IconProvider = (source: ImageRequireSource) => ({
  toReactElement: ({ animation, }) => (
    <Image style={style} source={source}/>

export const AppIconsPack = {
  name: 'app',
  icons: {
    'auth': IconProvider(require('assets/images/icon-auth.png')),
    'auth-dark': IconProvider(require('assets/images/icon-auth-dark.png')),
    // ...


MIT license.


npm i restyle-ui-kitten

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