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JSX in Openresty

Thanks to TypescriptToLua project, we can write web applications for Openresty in Typescript, which is pretty cool!

Now, if we want to return HTML from the server, even though there are some really good HTML templating libraries available, but coming from Typescript background, I find it really convenient to generate HTML with JSX, because unlike HTML templates, it is 100% covered by intellisense, which drastically reduces amount of errors you make.

This library enables using JSX in TypescriptToLua projects.

How to use

Install from NPM:

npm i resty.jsx

Add jsx and jsxFactory parameters to tsconfig.json:

    "compilerOptions": {
        "jsx": "react",
        "jsxFactory": "createElement",

Add the following import to the ts file where you want to use JSX:

import {createElement} from "resty.jsx"

Don't forget to change the file extension to .tsx!

Now you can write JSX!

return <div>Hello world!</div>

Installing globally

By default, TypescriptToLua will put this library to lua-modules/resty.jsx under the output directory and change the Lua require correspondingly.

Alternatively, you may want to install it in a more traditional way, same as LuaRocks or OPM do.

In this case, you can simply copy jsx.lua to /usr/local/openresty/site/lualib/resty/ folder, and then you need to disable TypescriptToLua's module resolution by adding the following line to the tsconfig.json:

    "tstl": {
        "noResolvePaths": ["resty.jsx"]

Now the import path will not be changed and Lua will pick the library from the global path.


This module is optimized for performance and uses ngx_escape_html function via FFI. It is quite hard to estimate the overhead and it will vary a lot depending on your markup, in my tests, for a real-world ~2Kb HTML, the JSX version was about 0.5ms slower per request than raw string concatenation (with server under load).


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