OAuth 2 client credentials flow endpoint for restify

Restify OAuth2 (cc only)

A fork of restify-oauth2 that removes the Resource Owner Password Credentials support and makes authentication token generation a GET rather than a POST request.

The following list indicates the differences with the initial implementation.

  • Token generation is performed with a GET rather than POST request.
  • Removed support for the request body and grant_type field.
  • tokenEndpoint option renamed to endpoint.
  • wwwAuthenticateRealm option renamed to realm.
  • tokenExpirationTime option renamed to expires.
  • Remove dependency on underscore.
  • Remove oauth2-token link messages.

Documentation is available at the original repository.

var restify = require("restify");
var oauth2 = require("restify-oauth2-cc");
var server = restify.createServer({ name: "Web Services", version: "1.0.0" });
server.use(restify.bodyParser({ mapParams: false }));, options);