simple to use nedb cache layer with restful api routing

restify-nedb (for nedb)

restify-nedb was built to give you restful api resources for client side application frameworks like angular.js, ember.js, backbone.js or knockout.js as well as give you a simple file/memory based cache utilizing nedb. (ps, i love nedb, you should too.) If you haven't already checked it out, maybe you want to use it separate of all of this extra stuff, do it. It's like sqlite, with a subset of mongodb's api. Really neat.

Let me know if you have any issues, please open issues/prs etc, it's a lot more fun that way

  • Super fast nedb file/memory backed cache w/ simple garbage collection
  • 100% coffeescript, hate it or love it
  • restful routing: "GET", "POST", "PUT", "DELETE"
  • parses json/multi-part

npm install git+ --save

  express = require "express"
  app = module.exports = express()
  nedb = require "restify-nedb"
  ensure = require "../passport/middleware"
  new nedb {
    prefix: "/session"
    middleware: [ensure.admins]
      maxAge: 1000 * 60 * 60

I would recommend using something like Advanced REST Client for testing, it'll help.

  • prefix defaults to /ds
  • version defaults to /v1
  • middleware array of middleware, defaults to []
  • memory_store defaults to false
  • file_name defaults to nedb-filestore.db
  • file_path defaults to ../db
  • defaults to undefined set a store name
  • cache.maxAge defaults to 1hour or 1000 * 60 * 60
  • ds not recommended to overwrite, but you have access if you need it..
GET http://localhost:3000/session/v1
GET http://localhost:3000/session/v1/:id
POST http://localhost:3000/session/v1
PUT http://localhost:3000/session/v1/:id
DELETE http://localhost:3000/session/v1/:id
  • append is a Boolean option, if append is true your update appends to the collection, however if it is false it will overwrite everything in that doc
PUT http://localhost:3000/session/v1/:id?append=true
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