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RESTeemo API wrapper for Node. Powered by Quickfind.

captain teemo on duty


$ npm install resteemo


As per RESTeemo's Terms and Conditions, you must provide contact details in the user agent of requests. node-resteemo will not fill in these details for you.

var teemo = require('resteemo')('string with contact info');

All functions are asynchronous. The callback is always executed as callback(error, response), where response is an Object unless there was an error. Refer to RESTeemo's API docs for what each response looks like.

Player requests

Looks up information for String summoner on String platform.

  • teemo.player(platform, summoner, callback)
  • teemo.player.ingame(platform, summoner, callback)
  • teemo.player.recentGames(platform, summoner, callback)
  • teemo.player.influencePoints(platform, summoner, callback)
  • teemo.player.runes(platform, summoner, callback)
  • teemo.player.mastery(platform, summoner, callback)
  • teemo.player.leagues(platform, summoner, callback)
  • teemo.player.honor(platform, summoner, callback)
  • teemo.player.teams(platform, summoner, callback)

Here, season is a Number.

  • teemo.player.rankedStats(platform, summoner, season, callback)

Team requests

Looks up information for a team using String tag or String guid on String platform.

  •, tag, callback)
  •, guid, callback)

Platform requests

  • teemo.freeWeek(platform, callback)

Supported platforms

Below is a table of the platforms that RESTeemo supports. When polling the API, the shorthand version of a platform is necessary, but you can pass the full version to node-resteemo if you'd like and it will internally use the shorthand version.

Short Full
na North_America
br Brasil
ru Russia
euw Europe_West
eun Europe_East
tr Turkey
las Latin_America_South
lan Latin_America_North

Release notes


  • Updated lodash.isundefined to 2.2.x
  • Updated lodash.isstring to 2.2.x
  • Updated lodash.isnull to 2.2.x
  • Updated lodash.isfunction to 2.2.x

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