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    Template for Create and Run API tests using Robot Framework.

    Table of Contents

    About Project

    This is a template for make api tests using Robot Framework creating tests suite.



    1. To install this project you can clone it and go to step 2. Or use the commands below:

      npm install rest_api_test_automation_template

      1.1 Extract the test project from the node_modules folder and save it in your preferred location.

    2. This project ** requires Robot Framework installed **. Install the Robot using the steps below.

      2.1. Install Python 3

      2.2. Install Robot Framework

      pip3 install robotframework

      2.3. Install HTTP Requests Library

      pip3 install -U requests
      pip3 install -U robotframework-requests

    Languages used

    How To Use

    1. Run your all tests
    robot -d ./logs tests
    1. Run your test by test suite
    robot -d ./logs tests/feature_name

    Best Pratices

    1. Run yours tests using -d ./logs for organize log files.
    2. Not remove Config example files.
    3. create your Commons file according to your need.

    Files by directories

    Below is a list of the files by directory.

    Directory Files in folder
    config config_name.robot All files used to configure your Robot tests, such as tokens and more.
    libs all Python files used to provide support in tests.
    common common_filename.robot All common codes used to make requests.
    tests feature/suite_tests_name.robot All tests files.


    Contributions are what make the open source community an incredible place to learn, inspire and create. Any contribution you make will be much appreciated.

    1. Make a project Fork
    2. Create a Branch for your feature (git checkout -b feature/amazing-feature)
    3. Insert your changes (git add .)
    4. Make a commit with your changes (git commit -m 'feat(package-filename>): Inserting a Amazing Feature !)
    5. Push the branch (git push origin feature/amazing-feature)
    6. Open a Pull Request


    Distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.


    Yury Alencar - Github -


    npm i rest_api_test_automation_template

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