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Rest-Assured tool, it supports both TypeScript and JavaScript

#you can use with other frameworks such as cucumber, mocha, jest etc

#Integrated with cucumber report

#Upcoming features

  • testrail integrations
  • New JSON response utils to validate search filters,
  • Getting Server timestamps based on TimeZone
  • More handy json validations(ex: sorting ,date,limit, offset validations etc) for search filters(any GET call) without writing asserts


  • This API automation tool designed to support API automation like other tools Postman, RestAssured and Karate
  • It supports CommonJS, ES6 and TypeScript
  • Pretty easy to use this library for non JavaScript developers as well
  • It supports Cucumber, Mocha and other frameworks as well
  • This tool helps integration testing with webui , mobile and other applications
  • It helps API integration (example : to automate combination of promo, tax and price services) testing as well.
  • Best feature, Chai asserts are supported implicitly for json response validations
  • Easy to find json paths and node values like
  • Easy to externalize test data request and response json files
  • Supports huge jsons request and responses
  • Can send json request body as File and String
  • where Include or exclude parameters from the request body for the negative testing
  • Mutations on JSON objects where Dynamic parameters can be applied on json objects
  • Can send full json response as file for complete json schema validations
  • Https API
  • Promise API
  • Handled exceptions internally
  • Easy to use Request API's with basic knowledge of javascript and typescript
  • Going to add more utils for json validation to meet API's functionality
  • it supports fixtures similar to
  • Actively maintained

Extra features: Chai asserts supported implicitly for json response validations Passing request body as json file , full json response validation as file for complete schema validations. It supports json path validations

|json path|value| |username| myname| using exact path : example: |json path|value| |data[*].username| myname|

Easy way of automation

making request of api end point Same method can be used for GET(Default), PUT,POST, PATCH, DELETE

Below package also contains same methods except few

More documentation will be added, refer github links clone and execute sample code snippets

Please refer github links for code snippets , these methods can be used for mocha and other frameworks as well contact ,

Note : in case error for tunnel

npm i tunnel --save-dev npm i @types/tunnel

Proxy support

Use your proxy details if needed

 response = await restRequest("", {
    headerOptions: JSON.parse(headerOptions),
    httpMethod: "GET", timeOut: 20000,
    agent: tunnel.httpOverHttp({
           		proxy: {
           			host: 'localhost',
                    port: '8080',
                    headers: {
                    'User-Agent': 'Node'

Access token

Note: You can keep request body in json file as well and replace user name and passwords from env or config files
const requestBodyAsJsonString: string = JSON.stringify({
  "grant_type": "password",
  "username": "{username}",
  "password": "{password}",
  "client_id": "localhost-dev"

const headerOptions: string = JSON.stringify({"Content-Type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"});

 response = await restRequest("", {
    headerOptions: JSON.parse(headerOptions),
    httpMethod: "POST", inputBody: requestBodyAsJsonString,
    formFlag: true, timeOut: 10000


Please see


npm i rest-assured-ts

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