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A Resso Downloader by Gamedemons


npm i ressdify


npx ressdify


Do not enter a system root level download location or two level deep from the root, the app may crash. 

Also there are a few songs that may crash the app. Remove those songs from the playlist. This is a bug and I am working on it.

Detailed Use for beginners

Starting the App

  1. First make sure node is installed. if not download it from here. I recommend the LTS version as it is stable.
  2. Then open a command prompt(cmd) or any other terminal like bash in VS code(shortcut : ctrl + ~ ). If you are still having problem search for command by pressing win + s and it should show up.
  3. Then type npm i ressdify and press enter.
  4. Now type npx ressdify and press enter and the app should start.

Using the App

  1. The app will first ask the resso playlist url. There is already a default url for demo purposes, so you can just press enter.
  2. If you want to enter your custom url feel free to do so and press enter.
  3. The next step is to enter a path/location on your computer where you want your music to be downloaded/saved. You can copy the path of the location from the explorer.
  4. Now paste the path in app
  5. Press enter and the app should start downloading the songs.

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