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    This is a simple node package that helps developers package HTTP responses into simple reusable methods, without having to worry about setting the headers and the right status codes.

    All you need to do is call the right method with all the information required along with the express HTTP response object and the response is properly formated for you in line with REST API Guidelines.

    Express is a powerful framework that helps handle HTTP requests and responses on the server. However, it can become a bit repetitive to have to respond to various request the same way. This would help take all that repetitive "res" code and stow it away in the node_modules. 😄

    Getting Started

    Your REST API must be using express as its HTTP http handler.

    • Download the package as a dev dependency with
    npm install respondex
    • Import the package into your controller, middleware or wherever you wish to send a response from.
    import RespondEx from 'respondex'
    • Use by simply send a response as demonstrated below for a newly created product resource.
      'Successful sign-in',
        name: 'Chair',
        quantity: 100,
        description: 'A comfortable seat for your afternoon tea.'



    createdResource: Sends a HTTP response for a newly created resource. Response will contain a 201 status code, message and data in the body. It would also contain the URL to the newly created resource in the header of the response.

    Parameters Type Description Example
    message string The message to be sent with the response "Product successfully created."
    data object Newly created resource data { name: "Chair" }
    location string The URL of the newly created resource ""
    res object The express http response object
    options object Some extra headers { contentType: "application/json" }


    This is an optional parameter that can be provided to the methods to configure some of the information in the header. Currently there is just one.

    Property Type Example
    contentType string "application/json"


    Opeoluwa Iyi-Kuyoro: 👨🏿Profile - WebSite


    I am very open to contributions from the community. If you find this package useful, and you feel there are a rew things you would like to add or nasty bugs that you just want to get rid of, please feel free to fork, modify and raise a PR.

    In doing so, I would like you to follow the conventions.

    Commit styles: This project uses the Angular commit style and commitplease has been set up to enforce that.

    PR Style: Please use the template you find in the PR message to compose one.




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