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Manage a group of respawn monitors

npm install respawn-group


var regroup = require('respawn-group');
var group = regroup();
group.add('test', ['node', 'server.js']);


  • regroup(defaults) -> group Instantiate a new respawn group. All opts will inherit from defaults

  • group.add(id, command, opts) -> mon Add a new respawn monitor. See respawn for more information. If you add a new monitor with the same id as an old one it will be used when the old monitor stops.

  • group.remove(id, cb) Remove a monitor

  • group.start(id) -> mon Start a monitor

  • group.stop(id, cb) Stop a monitor

  • group.restart(id) -> mon Gracefully restart a monitor

  • group.get(id) -> mon Get a monitor

  • group.has(id) -> bool True is group has monitor

  • group.list() -> array List all monitors

  • group.shutdown(cb) Stop all services and ignore all following starts


  • group.on('start', mon) Monitor has started. contains the id of the monitor

  • group.on('stop', mon) Monitor is fully stopped

  • group.on('crash', mon) Monitor has crashed

  • group.on('restart', mon) Monitor is being restarted

  • group.on('sleep', mon) Monitor is sleeping

  • group.on('spawn', mon, process) Monitor has spawned a child process

  • group.on('exit', mon, code, signal) Monitors child process has exited

  • group.on('stdout', mon, data) child process stdout has emitted data

  • group.on('stderr', mon, data) child process stderr has emitted data

  • group.on('warn', mon, err) Monitor has a warning

  • group.on('finalize', mon) A monitor is fully stopped and being garbage collected. Happens if you call remove or updates a monitor

Updating existing monitors

To update an existing monitor simply add it again with the same id

group.add('test', ['node', 'server.js']);
// ... wait a bit ... 
// now lets update test 
group.add('test', ['node', 'server2.js']);
group.restart('test'); // you need to restart test for the new monitor to take over 
                       // this will trigger a 'finalize' event for the old monitor