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An implementation of the Redis Encoding and Serialization Protocol for Node.js.


resp.stringify(['MAKE', 'Widget', 6, '$0.40', true])
// => '*5\r\n$4\r\nMAKE\r\n$6\r\nWidget\r\n:6\r\n$5\r\n$0.40\r\n:1\r\n'
// => { message: 'A-OK' }

Serialize: resp.stringify(value)

Stringifies value into its RESP representation, returning the result as a String. The legal values (as specified by RESP) are:

  • "Status objects", which have a single message string (e.g. { "message": "This is the status message." }).
  • Error objects
  • Booleans
  • Strings
  • Numbers
  • Arrays including any of the above

Other types and values will throw a TypeError describing the issue.

Deserialize: resp.parse(string)

Parses the RESP in string, returning the represented value as its native type. See resp.stringify, above, for the supported types that may be returned.

If the input is not valid RESP, a SyntaxError will be thrown describing the issue.


  • Optimization
  • Transform streams