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A Redis engine for resourceful, a model framework from the flatiron project.

Build Status


resourceful-redis is based on all the other resourceful engines including the standard couchdb and memory engines. Also inspired by the following projects:


resourceful-redis is just getting started. I wouldn't use it in production yet but try it out and if you find bugs create an issue so we can get it to a production ready state soon.


  var redisConnection = redis.createClient(); // an external redis connection 
  var resourceful = require('../lib/resourceful-redis');
  var Creature = resourceful.define('creature', function () {
    // Specify redis engine and connection 
    this.use("redis", {
      // You can pass in a connection object which is recommened or 
      // a uri string to create a connection per model 
      connection: redisConnection, // Pass in a redis connection 
      // uri: "redis://DB:Pass@", // Set connection string here, auth is optional 
      namespace: "<KEY TO USE AS NAMESPACE>" // Each model will have a different namespace to use as a key 
    // Specify some properties 
  Creature.prototype.feed = function (food) {

Resourceful API

Resourceful-redis uses the engines-test.js test suite from the resourceful project in order to try and ensure API compatibility. It's edited to use mocha instead of Vows but should be similar.

Currently resourceful-redis should support all of the CRUD methods that resourceful defines as well as simple find's and filters. In the future I would like to implement relationship modeling and hooks for redis pub/sub functionality.


Installing resourceful-redis

  $ [sudo] npm install resourceful-redis


All tests are written with mocha and should be run with npm:

  $ npm test

Author: Cody Stoltman

License: Apache 2.0