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NOTE - This is a very early version of this project and is not yet fully featured.

A resource-oriented DSL for configuring koa.


To configure resourced you need to tell it which directory to look for resources in:

var resourced = require('resourced');
var router = require('koa-router');
Q.spawn(function *() {
    // ... 
    var resourcesDir = __dirname + '/resources';
    yield * resourced.configureResourcesInDirectory(resourcesDir, app);
    // ,,, 

Note that koa-router is also required and that it, and any other middleware, must be installed before resourced.

Resource Definition

The following shows a simple person resource, where the JSON response includes a link to the associated address:

var Resource = require('resourced').Resource;
var http = require('resourced').http;
var cache = require('resourced').cache;
var ensure = require('rules').ensure;
var addressResource = require('./address');
var people = [
    { firstName: "bob", lastName: "smith", id : 1, "job": "tinker", addressId: 3 }
module.exports = new Resource({
    url: "/person/:id",
    cache: cache.minutes(5).publically(),
    respondsTo: [
        http.get(function * (id) {
            ensure(id).populated().numeric({ min : 0 });
            var person = people[id];
            person.address = this.urlFor(addressResource, { id: person.addressId });
            return person;

Running Examples

You can run the sample application using the following command:

node --harmony examples\web.js


  • Request Handlers - Features like argument population make handling requests easier.
  • Caching - HTTP caching of responses to GET requests.
  • Validation - Allows validation of request bodies and URL's.