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Node.js library that caches resources from a string or URL in local files.


$ npm install resourcecache


First, load the ResourceCache class from the resourcecache module and create an instance.

ResourceCache = require('resourcecache');
cache = new ResourceCache();

Then, you can cache a piece of text in a file like this:

cache.cacheFromString('text', function (error, fileName) {
  console.log('The text has been cached inside', fileName);
  console.log('This file contains:', require('fs').readFileSync(fileName, 'utf-8'));

Or you can cache an online resource:

cache.cacheFromUrl('', function (error, fileName) {
  console.log('The resource has been cached inside', fileName);
  console.log('This file contains:', require('fs').readFileSync(fileName, 'utf-8'));

Release the file when you don't need it anymore:


When the process exits, all remaining files will be released.


This library is in alpha stage and doesn't do much caching yet.
However, the described interface has been implemented and is fully functional.

An example use can be seen in the EyeServer project.