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ReSolve Cloud Platform Command Line Interface

This package provides an interface used to deploy reSolve applications to the cloud.


Use the following console inputs to add this CLI to your reSolve project, login to the reSolve Cloud Platform and deploy the application:

yarn create resolve-app resolve-app
cd resolve-app
<develop your app locally>
yarn add resolve-cloud
yarn resolve-cloud login
yarn resolve-cloud deploy

Install the CLI

The reSolve Cloud Platform CLI is available on NPM. You can add it to a project as shown below:

yarn add resolve-cloud

Log in to the reSolve Cloud Platform

Use the login command to authenticate and authorize in the reSolve cloud platform:

yarn resolve-cloud login

The CLI manages an authentication session so you stay logged in between queries.

Manage Deployments

Use the deploy command to deploy an application to the cloud:

yarn resolve-cloud deploy

The cloud platform assigns an ID to an application deployment.

Pass a deployment's ID to the remove command to remove this deployment:

yarn resolve-cloud remove <deploymentId>

View Deployment information

To view the list of all your deployments, type:

yarn resolve-cloud list

Use the describe command to view information on a specific deployment:

yarn resolve-cloud describe <deploymentId>

Manage Read Models

The read-models command manages the application's read models.

View a deployed application's read models:
yarn resolve-cloud read-models list <deploymentId>
Pause and resume read model updates:
yarn resolve-cloud read-models pause <deploymentId> <readModelName>
yarn resolve-cloud read-models resume <deploymentId> <readModelName>
yarn resolve-cloud read-models pause-all <deploymentId> 
yarn resolve-cloud read-models resume-all <deploymentId> 
Reset a read model's persistent state:
yarn resolve-cloud read-models reset <deploymentId> <readModelName>
yarn resolve-cloud read-models reset-all <deploymentId> <readModelName>

Manage Sagas

The sagas command manages the application's sagas.

View a list of available sagas:
yarn resolve-cloud sagas list <deploymentId>
Pause and resume a saga:
yarn resolve-cloud sagas pause <deploymentId> <sagaName>
yarn resolve-cloud sagas resume <deploymentId> <sagaName>
Reset a saga's persistent state:
yarn resolve-cloud sagas reset <deploymentId> <sagaName>

Manage Saga Properties

Use the sagas properties command to manage a saga's properties.

Add a property:
yarn resolve-cloud sagas properties add <deploymentId> <sagaName> <propertyName> <value>
View all saga's properties:
yarn resolve-cloud sagas properties list <deploymentId> <sagaName>
Remove a property:
yarn resolve-cloud sagas properties remove <deploymentId> <sagaName> <propertyName>
Update a property's value:
yarn resolve-cloud sagas properties update <deploymentId> <sagaName> <propertyName> <newValue>

Manage Environment Variables

The following commands allow you to manage environment variables available for a deployment.

Set environment variables:
yarn resolve-cloud environment set <deploymentId> <keyValuePairs>
Remove an environment variable:
yarn resolve-cloud environment remove <deploymentId> <variableNameList>

View Logs

Use the logs command to view and manage application logs.

View logs:
yarn resolve-cloud logs get <deploymentId>
Remove logs:
yarn resolve-cloud logs remove <deploymentId>

Trace Application Performance

Use the tracing command to control application performance tracing.

Enable performance tracing:
resolve-cloud tracing enable <deploymentId>
Disable performance tracing:
resolve-cloud tracing disable <deploymentId>
Check whether performance tracing is enabled:
resolve-cloud tracing status <deploymentId>
View the list of an application's performance traces:
resolve-cloud tracing summary <deploymentId>
View a trace:
resolve-cloud tracing get <deploymentId> <traceId>

View Help

To view help on this CLI, type:

yarn resolve-cloud --help

You can also view help for a specific command, for example:

yarn resolve-cloud deploy --help


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