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A streaming image resizer, for Node and the browser. Uses pica to perform high quality image resizing, and supports options to resize proportionally, stretch, fit, etc. Handles multi-frame images (e.g. animated GIFs) properly as well, thanks to pixel-stream.


npm install resizer-stream


Here is an example that resizes a JPEG (check out the jpg-stream module for a streaming JPEG decoder and encoder).

var resize = require('resizer-stream');
// scale the image proportionally to fit within a 300x300 square 
  .pipe(new JPEGDecoder)
  .pipe(resize({ width: 300, height: 300, fit: true }))
  .pipe(new JPEGEncoder)


There are many different combinations of options that resizer-stream understands.

  • only width provided: image is scaled proportionally to width
  • only height provided: image is scaled proportionally to height
  • both width and height provided: image is stretched to fill the provided dimensions
  • width, height, and fit: true provided: image is scaled proportionally to fit inside the provided dimensions
  • scale factor provided: image is scaled proportionally by the provided scale factor
  • allowUpscale: by default, images are not scaled above their intrinsic size. To allow upscaling, set this option to true.