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Resilience Tools

Node.js tool for building WebViewers. This is a simple tool is designed to package directories into .zip files. It can optionally post those zip files to an XWiki instance for rapid prototyping and it can instead of a .zip, generate a Maven build which will output a .zip.

To use:

  • Create a directory called /src this is where all of your webviewer files will be placed, package.json will be in the root of your webviewer directory, not in /src.

  • Add this to your package.json:

      "dependencies": {
          "resilience-tools": "~0.3.2"
  • add a file called ./do containing the following:

      #!/usr/bin/env node
  • In your readme, instruct users to first type npm install and then ./do in order to "compile" your webviewer.

See for an example.