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    npm install reshuffle-monday-connector

    Reshuffle Monday Connector

    This package contains a Reshuffle connector for connecting to Monday.

    A full documentation of Monday's API is available here.

    Table of Contents

    Configuration Options

    Connector Events

    Listening to Monday events

    Connector Actions

    Get Board - Retrieve a board details object from Monday

    Get Board by name - Lookup a board id from its name.

    Get Board Items - Retrieve all items for a specific board.

    Get Group - Retrieve a group details object from Monday

    Get Item - Retrieve an item details object from Monday

    Create Item - Create a new item in a board

    Update Item - Update an item's name in a board

    Update Column Values - Update an item's column values

    Query - Run a GraphQL query

    SDK - Retrieve a full Monday sdk object

    Configuration Options

    To work with this connector, you'll need to get a token from here :

    1. Log into your account.
    2. Click on your avatar (picture icon) in the bottom left corner.
    3. Select Admin from the resulting menu (this requires you to have admin permissions).
    4. Go to the API section.
    5. Generate a “API v2 Token”
    6. Copy your token.
    interface MondayConnectorConfigOptions {
      token: string
      baseURL?: string
      webhookPath?: string

    The token is the only configuration value required if you just want to send data to Monday. If, however, you need to listen to events happening on your boards (e.g. creation or update of a task) - you'll need to provide the baseURL and optionally the webhookPath values as well.

    baseURL is the URL where the running Reshuffle instance can be found (e.g.

    webhookPath is an optional path to append to baseURL to create a full webhook path.

    For example - providing the above baseURL and webhookPath='/mondayhook will result in a complete webhook path of

    If you do not provide a webhookPath, Reshuffle will use the default webhook path for the connector which is /webhooks/monday.

    You will need to register this webhook with Monday. See instructions.

    Connector events

    Listening to Monday events

    To listen to events happening in Monday, create an event handler with the boardId, event type optional column id:

    interface MondayConnectorEventOptions {
      boardId: string | number
        | 'IncomingNotification'
        | 'ChangeColumnValue'
        | 'ChangeSpecificColumnValue'
        | 'CreateItem'
        | 'CreateUpdate'
        | 'UpdateName' 
      columnId?: string // for type === ChangeSpecificColumnValue

    Events require that an integration webhook be configured in Monday. The connector does not configure integrations automatically becuase at the moment it has no way of tracking which integrations are already configured in Monday. You can either configure an integration through the Monday UI or call createEventWebhook.

    Connector actions


    Obtain details of a Monday board (or a list of boards). Use the Monday Board id as the parameter. _Note: To obtain the board_id, visit your board in the browser and copy the id from the last part of the URL e.g. if your board's url is - then your board id is 123456789

    const boardId = '123456789'
    const board = await connector.getBoard(boardId)


    Find a board Id by its name

    const boardId = await connector.getBoardIdByName('My board')


    Get all the items in a board. The returned object has a name field with the name of the board, and an items object, with item data accessible by item Ids. Data for each item is an object including the item's name and values for each column.

    const boardItems = await connector.getBoardItems(boardId)


    Query a column or a list of columns of a board by the board's Id

    const column = await connector.getColumn(boardId)

    Query a group or a list of groups Monday uses groups to group items together inside a board.

    const group = await connector.getGroup(groupId)


    Query an item or a list of items

    const item = await connector.getItem(itemId)


    Creates a new item and adds it to the specified board.

    Parameter Type Required
    board_id Int Yes
    item_name String Yes
    column_values JSON No
    group_id String No

    Example of column_values

    const column_values = JSON.stringify({
      [column_id]: 'example data',
      [column_id2]: 'another example',
    const item = await connector.createItem(boardId, item_name, column_values, groupId)


    Update an item's name

    const item = await connector.updateItem(boardId, groupId, 'Updated Item Name')


    Update an specific item in a specific board with new values. The updaters object should include one update function for each column that needs to be updated, with property names being the titles for these columns. Each function receives the old value and should return the new value for that column.

    await updateColumnValues(myBoardId, myItemId, {
      Name: (name: string) => name.toUpperCase,
      Phone: (phone: string) => phone.startsWith('+') ? phone : `+${phone}`,


    Create a webhook. Note - using when you create an on handler the event will be created for you if you dont pass a webhookId

    const webhookId = await connector.createWebhook(

    Create a webhook for an event. This action requires that the connector be configured with a baseURL.

    const webhookId = await connector.createEventWebhook(

    Delete a webhook

    const deletedWebhook = await connector.deleteWebhook(WEBHOOK_ID)


    Run any GraphQL query

    const res = await connector.query('query { users { name } }')


    Returns an object providing full access to the Monday GraphQL API

    const sdk = await connector.sdk()


    npm i reshuffle-monday-connector

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