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    ReScript bindings for TinyColor: fast, small color manipulation and conversion. See also

    Getting started

    yarn add rescript-tinycolor

    Then add rescript-tinycolor as a dependency to bsconfig.json:

    "bs-dependencies": [
    +  "rescript-tinycolor"


    open RescriptTinycolor;
    let redString = TinyColor.makeFromString("red");
    /* New instance made by name 'red' */
    let blueRgb = TinyColor.makeFromRgb({r: 0, g: 0, b: 255});
    /* New instance made with RGB values */
    let yellowHsl = TinyColor.makeFromHsl({h: 60, s: 0.94, l: 0.5});
    /* New instance made with HSL values (saturation and lightness must be given as percent fractions) */
    let darkGreenHsv = TinyColor.makeFromHsv({h: 100, s: 1.0, v: 0.3});
    /* New instance made with HSV values (saturation and value must be given as percent fractions) */
    let blueRgbWithAlpha =, TinyColor.setAlpha(0.2));
    /* New instance with changed alpha */
    let brightness =, TinyColor.getBrightness);
    /* Some(76.245) */
    let hexString =, TinyColor.toHexString);
    /* Some("#0000ff") */
    let shadedBlue =, TinyColor.shade(~value=50));
    /* New instanced with color shaded 50% */
    let isReadableInCombination = switch(redString, blueRgb) {
        | (Some(red), Some(blue)) => TinyColor.isReadable(red, blue);
        | _ => false;
    /* returns a bool telling whether these colors can be used for background/text */

    See all available functions in the original TinyColor repo and example usage of all functions in the tests.

    Differences from original

    • It is not possible to create an invalid tinycolor instance, it will either return Some(t) if it is valid, or None if it is invalid. E.g. an invalid instance can occur if you create a color with a string not corresponding to a valid color (beautifulRed is not a valid color) or you provide RGB values outside the valid range (0-255).
    • When creating instances with HSL and HSV values: saturation, lightness and value must be given as fractions instead of percent (0.2 == 20%).
    • All functions accept only TinyColor-instances created by one of the make--functions (or random()), it is not possible to pass in a string or RGB-record for the functions (which is possible in the original library).
    • setAlpha(val) is immutable, it will return a new instance with changed alpha value (the other methods that modify a color (spin, lighten, etc.) is immutable from the original library).
    • toName() returns an option, either Some(string) if a name could be deduced (e.g. red) or None if not.
    • To get multiple random colors with the count parameter, the function randomMultiple() must be used (which is the same as random() only that it returns an array with length count instead of a single color).


    If you find bugs or there are updates in TinyColor, feel free to open an issue or PR. If you are upgrading any dependencies, please use yarn so yarn.lock is updated.

    If you add, remove or change bindings, remember to update the tests as well. It should be at least one test for every binding. Run the tests with yarn test from project root.

    Alternatives / related


    npm i rescript-tinycolor

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