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    Zero-cost bindings to Big.js library.

    In this version only these methods are supported: toFixed, plus, minus, div, times, valueOf, round, eq, gt, gte, lt and lte

    It also have some converters and shortcuts for converting an existing value or making a Big value, such as: fromFloator toFloat.

    It's accompanied with an Operators module which override some operators like +., *., /. and -.

    📦 Installation

    Run the following command:

    $ yarn add rescript-big

    Then add rescript-big to your bsconfig.json's dependencies:

       "bs-dependencies": [
    +    "rescript-big"

    💻 Usage

    open! Big.Operators
    let a = 201.57512->Big.fromFloat
    Js.log(a->Big.toFixed(2)) // 201.58
    // Compiler error: 1. is a float, wanted Big.t
    let c = a *. 1.
    // OK
    let b = 1.->Big.fromFloat
    let c = a *. b
    Js.log(Big.valueOf(c)) // 201.57512

    🕺 Contribute

    🚀 Want to hack on rescript-big? Follow the next instructions

    1. Fork this repository to your own GitHub account and then clone it to your local device
    2. Install dependencies using Yarn: yarn
    3. Ensure that the tests are passing using yarn test
    4. Send a pull request 🙌

    Remember to add tests for your change if possible.

    👋 Questions

    If you have any questions, feel free to open an issue. Please check the Big.js docs before submitting an issue.


    npm i rescript-big

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