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Device resolution detection module


CSS resolution detection in JavaScript

@return number resolution in dpi

@return number resolution in dpcm

@return number resolution in dppx

var res = require('res')
res.dppx() // 1 
res.dpi() // 96 
res.dpcm() // 37.79527559055118 

res was mainly written for investigative purposes. Making retina design accommodations can be impractical. Consider alternatives to resolution detection.

Device res.ddpx() res.dpi() res.dpcm()
desktop at default zoom 1 96 37.79527559055118
iPhone 4s at default zoom 2 192 75.59055118110236

Browsers with resolution detectable by res

  • Webkit (Chrome/Safari/Android)
  • Firefox 18+
  • Opera 11.1+ (Presto 2.8+)
  • IE 6+

Methods return 0 where undetectable.