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Auto-require all matching files within a directory recursively and return them as single object, representing the directory's structure.

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var ReqMapper = require('requirements-mapper'),
    dataMapper = new ReqMapper('./data')),
    dataMap =;


Assuming that ./data is a directory containing multiple files using subfolders like this:

 ├─╸ other/
 │    ├─╸ bar.js
 │    └─╸ baz.json
 └─╸ foo.js

An object of which every node contains the required contents of the respective file will be returned by

    other: {
        bar: …
        baz: …
    foo: …


The constructor of RequirementsMapper accepts 3 parameters:

  • dir - directory to scan; defaults to process.cwd()
  • globPattern - globbing pattern for finding files; defaults to **/*.js?(on)
  • clearCache - clear the require cache for a node, before requiring it; defaults to true

See node-glob for more details on globbing options.


MIT Simon Lepel 2015