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A browserify transform stream for aliasing require statements. You can use it to write your own transforms for things like custom extensions and module resolution.


npm install requiremap



Returns a browserify transform that calls map(file, node, update) for each require detected.

  • file is the absolute path to the file requiring the module.
  • node is an AST node from falafel. In most cases, you should be fine getting node.value for the module name.
  • update(err, updated) is a callback you should call with the new string to place in the require statement - this must be called. If you don't want to update it, just use update() without any arguments.
var browserify = require('browserify')
var requiremap = require('requiremap')
var b = browserify()
b.add(__dirname + '/src/index.js')
// "async" -> "./a.js" 
// "beefy" -> "./b.js" 
// "./src" -> "./src" 
b.transform(requiremap(function(file, node, update) {
  if (node.value[0] === '/') return update()
  if (node.value[0] === '.') return update()
  update(null, './' + node.value.slice(0, 1))