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Generate a requirejs config object from your package.json

require-package is a simple library to build a config object that can be used with the requirejs AMD loader. It will generate the appropriate path, shim and module information for your specified environment, enabling the packaging information to be specified in only one place.

For example, in your package json:

  "vendor": {
    "backbone": {
      "source": "node_modules/backbone.js",
      "shim": {"exports": "Backbone", "deps": ["underscore","jquery"]}
    "underscore": {
      "source": "node_modules/underscore/underscore-min.js",
      "shim": {"exports": "_"}
    "jquery": {
      "source": "vendor/js/jquery-1.8.1.min.js"

Then, you can build use require-package in various places to vendor and build a config file for requirejs.

// in jakefile, to vendor the javascript files into your server
var requirePackage = require('require-package');
var toVendor = requirePackage.vendor('www/js/vendor');
for (var source in toVendor) {
  file(toVendor[source], [source], function() {

Or, in your templates, to init requirejs:

require.config(<% require('require-package').config({baseUrl: '/js'}) %>);


require-config exports several functions to help in your build setup.


vendor will return on object with the path to the source file to be vendored as the key, and the destination path as the value:

{ 'node_modules/backbone/backbone.js': 'www/js/vendor/backbone.js' }

config(vendorDir, baseConfig={})

Extends the baseConfig object with the shim and path config values.