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Require Middleware

This library will give you the capabilities of middleware in calls to require. It's super handy for unit testing and dependency injection, but could be used for broader application purposes as well.

This is heavily inspired by, and modeled after, Connect middleware.


Use --save if using in your core app, --save-dev if using for testing

npm install [--save/--save-dev] require-middleware

Basic Usage

// Remember this is going to hijack all require calls to follow! 
// That also means that you might want to load it first 
var requireMiddleware = require('require-middleware');
requireMiddleware.use(function myMiddleware(req, next) {
    if ( === 'something') {
        // Transparent dependency replacement 
        return require('somethingelse');
var myModule = require('something'); // Gets resolved as if I called `require('somethingelse'); 

If your module isn't going to block the request for the middleware (by calling next(err)) or resolve the dependency by returning the result, calling next() will execute the next registered middleware.

Throwing errors

Simply pass a return value to next and that will be thrown as an exception

function myMiddleware(req, next) {
    if ( === 'fs') {
        next('Sorry dude, no fs for you.');

Fiddling with registered middleware

The middleware stack is exposed on requireMiddleware.stack.

Naming your middleware

requireMiddleware.use(function myMiddleware() { });
// OR 
requireMiddleware.use(function () { }).as('someOtherMiddleware');

The stack, after registering this middleware would look like:

    { handle: [Function myMiddleware], name: 'myMiddleware' },
    { handle: [Function someOtherMiddleware], name: 'someOtherMiddleware' }

The .as() function is handy if you want to load up common middleware from another location but name it something specific that you control for later manipulation on the stack. Naming middleware will not impact its functionality in any way.