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lean HTTP wrapper for node.js that makes unit testing your HTTP API's a bit less rough.


npm install requestah

Basic Usage

var r = require('requestah')(80); // Set the port for future requests

// Basic HTTP GET:
r.get('/users', function(res) {
	if (res.statusCode === 200) { console.log(res.body); }

// HTTP POST with data:'/users', {name: "John Doe"}, function(res) {
	if (res.statusCode === 200) { console.log(res.body); }

// External HTTP GET:
r.get('', function(res) {
    if (res.statusCode === 302) { console.log("We got redirected to " + res.headers.location); }

Advanced usage

// HTTP GET with querystrings passed as object
r.get('/users', {ageMin: 30, ageMax: 50} function(res, dbg) {
	if (res.statusCode === 200) { console.log(res.body); }

// HTTP GET with querystrings passed in path - performs exactly the same request as above would do
r.get('/users?ageMin=30&ageMax=50', function(res, dbg) {
	if (res.statusCode === 200) { console.log(res.body); }

// HTTP DELETE with a header for only this request
r.del('/users/john', {headers: {apikey: "verySecretKey"}}, function(res) {
	if (res.statusCode === 204) { console.log(res.body); }

// Set a fixed HTTP header for all future requests. Helpful for authentication 
r.setHeader('apikey', 'b4080ca70d5617...');

// HTTP PUT with data & headers:
r.put('/users/john', {name: "Jane Doe", headers: {adminkey: "IGOTADMINRIGHTS"}}, function(res, req) {

	if (res.statusCode === 204) { console.log(res.body); }
	console.log(req.params); // => params: {name: "Jane Doe"}
	// Note that both the above set apikey and the per-request adminkey have been sent in the request:
	console.log(req.headers); // => headers: {apikey: 'b4080ca70d5617...', adminkey: 'IGOTADMINRIGHTS'}

// HTTP POST with enforced Content-Type:'/users', {name: "John Doe", type: "form"}, function(res, req) {
	console.log(req['Content-Type']); // => 'application/json'

// Activate debug mode - future requests will not be performed. Only request options are returned:

// Check out the available debug information'/users', {name: "John Doe", type: "form"}, function(res, req) {
	console.log(res); // res => false
     req => {
	    port: 80,
	    method: 'POST',
	    path: '/users',
	    headers: {apikey: 'b4080ca70d5617...', adminkey: 'IGOTADMINRIGHTS'},
	    'Content-Type': 'application/json'
	    params: {name: "John doe"},
	    parsedParams: '{"name": "John Doe"}',



  • get(path, data, callback)

  • post(path, data, callback)

  • put(path, data, callback)

  • del(path, data, callback)

    • path - [REQUIRED] - The URL to fetch. Can be either relative to root, ie. /users or but also an full path,
    • data - [OPTIONAL] - The data to be sent along with the request. Is appended automatically as a querystring to the path for HTTP GET requests, or converted into JSON automatically for POST/PUT/DELETE.
      • headers - [OPTIONAL] - The eventual headers to send along with the requests. Does overwrite any previously set fixed headers
      • type - [OPTIONAL] - A way to force content-type -encoding of the request to be either form application/x-www-form-urlencoded, or json (application/json)
    • callback - [REQUIRED] - The callback to be fired once the request is complete. Returns two arguments: response & request
      • response - The actual node response object. False if in debug mode. Please visit the [official node.js documentation] for full documentation :
      • request - The arguments used to create the request. Useful for debugging and the only argument returned if in debug mode.
  • setFixedHeader(key, value) - Sets a fixed header to be included with all future requests. Useful to set HTTP Auth headers.

  • setDebug(bool) - Activates debugging, which means that no actual HTTP requests will be perfomed. Watch the second argument (request) in the callbacks for detailed debug information.

Checkout the tests in test/test-main.js for actual examples and usecases.


See LICENSE file.

Copyright (c) 2012 Joakim B




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