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    This is simply mikeal/request with something that looks like partial application support for the options object. If you find yourself _.extend-ing or _.merge-ing your request options hash multiple times, such as when writing many test cases against a single HTTP url, for example, you might want to re-use the options object for each test.


    The API is a bit hard to explain but actually very easy to use, so please bear with me.

    The only function is exported from this module and is simply a wrapper around the original request function. If called normally, then it will behave normally. However, if the callback is omitted, it is assumed that you are building up the request and thus will return a copy of itself which, otherwise, will behave exactly the same way but with a modified default options (the one you've just given it). You can call the resulting function to modify the options hash further and further and when you are ready, you can simply pass in a single callback function and the original mikeal/request function will be called with all the options passed in thus far and the callback.

    request(options, callback)

    Effectively the same request function as require('request').

    partial = request(options)

    Returns a function that behaves just like require('request') but with defaults modified to match the given options.

    You can call the resulting function with another options hash again to modify the default values further. The new function instance will be independent from the original function (out-of-place modification) so it can be reused.

    result = partial(function(e, response, body) { })

    Runs require('request') with all given options value combined. The options given thus far will be merged using lodash.merge.


    var request = require('request-partial');
    describe('home page', function() {
      var req = request({ uri: '/' });
      describe('GET', function() {
        var get = req({ method: 'GET' });
        // tests
      describe('POST', function() {
        var post = req({ method: 'POST' });
        describe('with invalid JSON body', function() {
          var invalidReq = post({ body: { } });
          // tests
        describe('with valid JSON body', function() {
          var validReq = post({ body: { valid: true } });
          // tests


    3-clause BSD, see the full text in the LICENSE file.




    npm i request-partial

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