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A comprehensive requestAnimationFrame & cancelAnimationFrame polyfill.

  • Supports ES6 - AMD - CJS & IIFE
  • Provides a clean polyfill for requestAnimationFrame & cancelAnimationFrame.
  • Tested & working on: IE 5.5+, FF 3+, Opera 11.16+, Safari 4+, Chrome 14+, iOS 3+, Android 2.3+, Android Chrome 28+.
  • iOS 6 bug fix without user-agent sniffing.
  • Firefox 4 - 10 function mismatch normalization.
  • Doesn't modify native functions unless specified.
  • AMD compliant.

Install options

npm i request-frame --save   |   bower i request-frame   |   src   |   release

import requestFrame from 'request-frame';  // ES6
<script src="request-frame.js"></script> // AMD, IIFE
const requestFrame = require('request-frame');  // CJS

The API:

Assign the timing functions:

requestFrame( request | cancel | native ) request is default.

var request = requestFrame('request'); // window.requestAnimationFrame | setTimeout
var cancel = requestFrame('cancel'); // window.cancelAnimationFrame | cancelTimeout

Or re/ assign native functions:

requestFrame('native'); // re/ declares requestAnimationFrame & cancelAnimationFrame

Below is just an example of the requestAnimationFrame API, see links: MDN, MSDN & W3.

Loop something:

var requestId;
function something( useTimeStamp ){
    // Do something here
    requestId = request(something); 
requestId = request(something); // Assigns Id & calls "something"

Cancel something:

cancel(requestId);  // Cancels frame request 

The ideology

request-frame aims to provide an optimal development consistency with the use of animation timing functions across the large number of browsers and devices. This lib is ideal for those who may want to avoid re-assigning native functions, or avoid interfering with other libs that do. requestFrame() is purposely not a constructor. The intention is for requestAnimationFrame to be used once or few times during execution since multiple task are expected to be more efficient via a single requestAnimationFrame loop compared to several instances.

Browsers tested & passing:

Supports everything from IE5+


Just do it!


npm run test To launch port 9999

  • ./test/
  • ./test/compatibility-assignation-amd.html
  • ./test/compatibility-assignation.html
  • ./test/compatibility-native-amd.html
  • ./test/compatibility-native.html

Browser based testing for RAF is imperative


Created by Julien Etienne, timestamp by Erik Möller, Paul Irish & Darius Bacon.

MIT License

© 2016 Julien Etienne

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