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Republic was built to provide guidance and productivity to anyone wanting to build an application with React. Frontend development is an exciting place at the moment and there are many opinions and libraries. Republic brings together popular opinions and libraries in order to:

  • Reduce boilerplate and setup time when creating a universal React app
  • Welcome newcomers with structure, consistency and most importantly documentation
  • Encourage developers to test their applications

Proven technology

Republic is built atop modern JavaScript libraries to provide a full framework for frontend development.

  • React for building the UI of your application
  • Redux for managing the state of your application
  • Mocha/Chai/Enzyme for testing your application
  • Express for serving your application
  • Sass for styling your application
  • Babel for modern JavaScript
  • Browserify for building your application

Along with many other libraries for everything in between. Go open source! We'd especially like to say thanks to all the contributors of the npm modules we've used to build react :)

Active development

Do you want JavaScript development to feel productive? Are you like us and get tired of wiring up JS applications? Writing the same old actions and reducers. Or perhaps you just want to help out with some open source?

We'd love you to get involved! Check out our contribution guidelines.

Whilst we're actively developing republic things our bound to change. We will be adhering to semantic versioning but keep changing APIs in mind.

Getting Started

To get started you'll first want to install republic globally:

npm install -g republic

Once republic is installed you can now generate an example application with the following command:

republic new example-app

This command will create a new directory example-app/, copy an example app into it and then install dependencies.

Now you're ready to boot the application:

cd example-app
republic dev

This will boot up a server at http://localhost:3000. The dev server will watch for changes in your app and livereload them.

Other commands

republic server

This will run a production server that loads the application once rather than reloading it when files change.


  • Server side rendering
  • Client side rendering
  • Isomorphic routing with execution of actions based on route match
  • Server side hot loading (no browser refresh tho)
  • Client side hot loading of views extending React.Component
  • republic new command for new projects
  • Rewrite republic with tests (initial dev was spike)
  • Implement production server
  • Promo video
  • Test src/dev/
  • Implement SCSS asset pipeline
  • Implement test runner in republic dev
  • republic generate command for new projects
  • Form action and view helpers
  • API actions