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1.3.6 • Public • Published

Easily build your reprocessing game to mobile & desktop & web!

- rsb all
    builds all targets
- rsb js
    builds js target to `./public`
- rsb js:serve [port: default 3451]
    builds js target and starts a web server in `./public`
- rsb native
    builds macos native
- rsb native:hot
    builds native, runs the server, and starts the app in hot-reloading mode
- rsb native:bundle
    builds native and bundles
- rsb ios
    builds for ios
- rsb ios:full
    builds for ios & runs xcodebuild
- rsb ios:run
    builds for ios & runs xcodebuild & runs it in a simulator
- rsb android
    builds for android & runs `./gradlew assembleDebug`
- rsb android:run
    builds for android & runs `./gradlew installDebug` in the `./android` directory
- rsb android:hot
    builds for android & runs `./gradlew installDebug`, then sets up a hot-reloading server and watches your files.

Future desired changes

Convert the following dependencies to reason:

  • webpack
  • ios-sim
    • this shouldn't be too hard - just use xcodebuild & parse some things
  • ios-deploy
    • this has a large native objc component, which might me more difficult to translate
    • on the other hand, we could leave it as objc & just move over any js bits



npm i reprocessing-scripts

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