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A Simple REST API for tinkering with front-end frameworks

I like tinkering with front-end frameworks, and I found myself writing the same, simple REST API each time. It was always the thinnest possible server, but I didn't want to write it every time, so I packaged it up here.


npm install repose


There's one function: repose. It needs a single parameter: the name of your API's model. It returns an express server object.

var repose = require('repose');

var app = repose('animals');


This creates a server with the these routes:

  • GET /api/animals
  • GET /api/animals/<id>
  • POST /api/animals
  • PUT /api/animals/<id>
  • DELETE /api/animals/<id>

This will work perfectly with Backbone (et al.):

var Animals = Backbone.Collection.extend({
    url: '/api/animals'  

The Public Folder

A Repose "app" will serve the ./public directory by default. If you want to change that, pass the path as a second parameter (a relative path will do).

var app = repose('animals', './myPublicFolder');


Things I might do in the future:

  • add tests
  • use Node's native HTTP Server instead of Express
  • add options like preloading data and namespacing options