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Similar to the xunit-file reporter. Allows you to specify any report style to run, but will also write to the specified file

How to use

  1. Add "reporter-file" to your package.json devDependencies
  2. Run mocha with either -R reporter-file or --reporter reporter-file

Specifying the Reporter

The reporter can be specified in the MOCHA_REPORTER environment variable or the config.json file. If neither of these are provided, it will defaul to XUnit


Default Mocha Reporter Options

Mocha comes with several reporters that can be used:

  • Dot
  • Doc
  • TAP
  • JSON
  • HTML
  • List
  • Min
  • Spec
  • Nyan
  • XUnit
  • Markdown
  • Progress
  • Landing
  • JSONCov
  • HTMLCov
  • JSONStream

Specifying the Output

The output file is saved to the file given in the MOCHA_REPORTER_FILE environment variable, the file named in config.json, or process.cwd()/xunit.xml

MOCHA_REPORTER_FILE=output/xunit.xml mocha -R xunit-file


The original idea and basis for the output file structure came from xunit-file