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Replicated Scribe

Built to update docker tags in a replicated yaml programmatically; most likely from the context of CI post-build.

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Q. Why not just make a node script? A.: The prospect of maintaining a node script across 20+ repos that is subject to change is yuck city. Plus there's not a great way to test that mess.


Note: the a Github API Token providing write access should be set to the environment variable GITHUB_API_TOKEN

replicated-scribe updateTag --repo=repoSlug --filePath=./path/to/yaml --image=anDockerImage --tag=newTag --branch=branchName

Allows for CI builds to update a replicated.yaml in a branch to make use of a newly available Docker image.

  • repo - the slug should be in the form of userName/repoName
  • branch - the branch name to push the change to
  • filePath - the path (relative to the repo) to the replicated.yaml file
  • image - the Docker image (as specified) in the yaml file
  • tag - the new tag to apply (this is under a version property in the yaml)

branch defaults to "update-docker-image" and filePath defaults to "./replicated.yaml" when those arguments are not provided.

The result of this command, when successful, will be a commit to the branch on the specified repository with the version property changed to the new tag value for any Docker image matching the image argument.



npm i replicated-scribe

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