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Transform a string with an array of replacement patterns.

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Install with npm

$ npm i replacements --save


var replace = require('replacements');

object of replacement patterns

var transformers = {
  pattern: /a/g,
  replacement: 'bbb'
console.log(replace('aaa', transformers));
//=> 'bbbbbbbbb' 

key-value replacement patterns

For basic string transformations, you can pass the string to replace as the key, and the replacement as a value:

var transformers = {
  'a': 'b'
  'c': 'd'
console.log(replace('aaabbbccc', transformers));
//=> 'bbbbbbddd' 

Note that only the first matching string will only be replaced using this format. If you need more flexibility, use the pattern-replacement regex syntax..

array of replacement patterns

var transformers = [
  {pattern: /a/g, replacement: 'bbb'},
  {pattern: /b/g, replacement: 'ccc'},
  {pattern: /c/g, replacement: 'ddd'},
  {pattern: /d/g, replacement: 'eee'},
  {pattern: /[e]+/g, replacement: '_DONE_'}
console.log(replace('aaa', transformers));
//=> '__DONE__' 

functions as replacements

var transformers = {
  pattern: /a+/g,
  replacement: function(match) {
    return match.split('').map(function(str, i) {
      if (=== 0) {return 'b'; }
      if (=== 1) {return str.toUpperCase();}
      return str;
console.log(replace('aaa', transformers));
//=> 'bAa' 

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Running tests

Install dev dependencies:

$ npm i -d && npm test


Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.


Jon Schlinkert


Copyright © 2015 Jon Schlinkert Released under the MIT license.

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