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    In Open Beta 0.x.x

    For anyone interested in trying out this npm package please note that the 0.x.x series is to be considered an open beta. Possible breaking changes may occur during this phase although I will do my best to avoid them and document in the change log.

    This package is currently being tested with a greenfield enterprise solution. As the two projects evolve and mature this package will eventually reach a point where it will be considered production ready. At that time version 1.0.0 will be released and this package will follow semver from then on.

    For more information see the project roadmap below, and feel free to reach out to me on github or twitter

    How to use it

    npm install --save repanel

    Where you combine your Redux reducers bring in the repanel Reducer

    import { repanelReducer } from 'repanel'
    const rootReducer = combineReducers({
        repanel: repanelReducer,

    Where you define your default page layouts...

    import { Repanel, Container, Panel } from 'repanel'
     render() {
        <Repanel tools={[ myAweseomeComponent1, myOtherCoolComponent]}>
            <Container flow="HORIZONTAL">
                <Panel width="25%" toolIndex={0}/>
                <Panel toolIndex={1}/>
                        <Panel height="100px" toolIndex={1}/>
                        <Panel toolIndex={0}/>

    Project Road-map

    • Thorough documentation on github: maintenance
    • Screen Casts demonstrations: tutorial
    • Travis Integration tests maintenance
    • 100% code coverage maintenance
    • v1.0.0 Production Ready Release

    Change log



    • #9: The .hidden class is now properly scoped to repanel-hidden
    • All CSS classes have been rescoped to repanel (formerly ruip)
      • NOTE: If you were overriding the CSS this will break your overrides. I'm releasing this under 0.0.7 because it is a hot fix for a publish that went out yesterday. Normally a breaking change like this would follow semver.


    New Features

    • Splitting/Merging Panels


    • CHANGED NAME to repanel (Formerly redux-ui-panels) Last name change I promise



    • TimberUI is now TestDriven!
    • Row components will warn instead of throwing Invariant errors
      • This should never happen in production since the Row component is not exposed in the public api
      • Still, it is possible in development to accidentally create a row with no children
      • Now they will give a more meaningful warning message and return false


    • CHANGED NAME to redux-ui-panels ( Formerly timber-ui )


    New Features

    • Added Project Road-Map and this Change log to the npm documentation

    Bug fixes

    • #5: NPM documentation was missing from 'timber-ui' in the HOW to use it instructions
    • #4: TimberApp throws an error if the tools prop isn't provided
    • #3: Container throws an error if no Flow is provided


    New Features

    • Added an NPM README

    Bug fixes

    • There was no README on npm before


    Initial publish


    • TimberApp component
      • Initializes the timber ui and injects the necessary css for you
      • Takes a tools array property which can be used by all panels
    • Container component
      • Used to specify direction (HORIZONTAL or VERTICAL)
      • Can be nested in Panels
    • Panel component
      • Used to hold your own content or display the tools
      • Takes a toolIndex int property which can specify which tool it should initialize with - 0 by default
    • timberUIReducer
      • Redux reducer for the timberUI - nothing works without it
      • Expects to be assign to a key of timberUI


    npm i repanel

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