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Note: Currently it's not possible to upload .bpmn files via drag and drop on GitHub. Attaching a .txt extension at the end can be a workaround.


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A GitHub App built with Probot that automatically renders BPMN files on GitHub Issues and Pull Requests.


The application is connected to GitHub as a GitHub app. Get started by creating a GitHub app, either via the development setup or using manual configuration steps as documented below.

Automatic Development Setup

Checkout, install and run the application in development mode as shown below:

git clone
cd probot-app
npm install
npm run dev

Access the application on localhost:3000. Probot, the app framework used by the render-bpmn application, helps you to create your GitHub app. Give your app a unique name and remember it.

Once the setup completes probot writes the basic app configuration to the probot-app/.env file. Go to your app page on GitHub, fetch client ID and client secret and add these properties to the .env file as GITHUB_CLIENT_ID and GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET, respectively.

Note: on additional start after registering could be needed work properly, causing registering delays to the proxy.

Manual Steps

Create your GitHub app and configure it according to the provided app mainfest.

Create a .env file with the required configuration variables as provided by GitHub. Use the provided example as a starting point.


Tryout the Heroku Deploy Button below and follow the setup instructions.


Also feel free to have a look at the other deployment options.


If you have suggestions for how probot could be improved, or want to report a bug, open an issue! We'd love all and any contributions.

For more, check out the Contributing Guide.


MIT © 2019 Niklas Kiefer


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