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A Redis messaging bus. This module facilitates a real-time messaging using Redis the backend. This allows for interprocess communication using redis as the mediator.


The module can be installed using npm.

npm install remus


  • Send message to client
  • Clients broken down by namespace
  • Ability to respond to messages
  • Configurable redis connection

Basic Usage

Remus is easy to use, all you need to do is create a client and send a message. On the other end another client can respond to a message easily using the response function passed into the 'message' event.

var Remus = require('remus');
var sender = new Remus({
  namespace : 'your-space',
  clientId : 'client-1'
var receiver = new Remus({
  namespace : 'your-space',
  clientId : 'client-2'
receiver.on('message', function(sender, msg, res) {
  // event for when message comes in
  console.log(sender, msg);
  // the res function must be called when done with message either with
  // a response or not
  res('reply to message');
sender.sendMessage('client-2', 'a message', function(err, sender, msg) {
  // handler for response from 'client-2'
  console.log(sender, msg);


Possible Additions

  • Broadcast messages (send message to all clients in namespace)