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    remoteStorage Starter Kit

    (TIP: sit back and watch the screencast first)

    This starter-kit is the quickest way to get started with remoteStorage app development. It gives you a local remoteStorage server and a Hello World app as your starting point.

    In order to run it, you need node.js installed.

    First, save this starter-kit into a folder on your computer, by downloading and unpacking or by cloning this repository using git.

    Then, open a command-line terminal, and type:

    cd starter-kit
    npm install

    to install the dependencies (where starter-kit is the folder you unpacked from the download or with git).

    This starter-kit contains three things, baked into one:

    • a remoteStorage server, which you can use as me@localhost:8001
    • a launch screen, which you can open at http://localhost:8001/
    • a "hello-world" app, in the apps/ folder (where the launch screen detects it).

    To launch all three, you only need to type one command:

    node starter-kit

    Next steps

    • Visit http://localhost:8001/ and click on the "hello-world" link
    • Open the web console (Ctrl-Shift-K in FF, Ctrl-Shift-I in Chrome, F12 in IE)
    • see how the hello-world app runs on port 8002, yet the AJAX requests go to your storage for me@localhost:8001, on storage port 8000.
    • This is of course useless if it's on the same host, but you can see how this is a powerful architecture change if not only the port but also the domain name differs between the app and the storage: netizens can host their own data on their own server, instead of on the application provider's server. See and for more info about this revolution.
    • Inspect the application code in apps/hello-world/index.html using your favorite editor
    • Inspect the remoteStorage.notes code in apps/hello-world/notes.js
    • Read the docs on
    • Hack! :) Copy and rename the apps/hello-world/ folder to e.g. apps/my-first-unhosted-app/
    • The starter-kit will detect each folder you create under apps/ at startup, and add it to the launch screen on http://localhost:8001/
    • Post your reactions and questions on




    npm i remotestorage-dev-kit

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