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This is a small tool to have a remote console to an existing browser.

When developing mobile web pages you usually miss the development console provided by desktop browsers.

This command line tool allows you to add an script tag into your mobile webpage that will connect back to the tool using WebSockets allowing you to run javascript remotely in the mobile browser.


This is a node.js app, so you'll need to install node. That's all :)

Installation and usage

Getting the tool running is simple:

Using npm

npm install remote_js

If remote_js is not found you'll need to make sure your $PATH contains npm bin. If npm bin is $PWD/node_modules/.bin your $PATH should contain node_modules/.bin/

From source

git clone
cd remote-js
npm install

Now you just need to copy & paste the script tag into your web page and start playing around.


This is a fast release for the tool. Feel free to modify it and send your Pull Requests with fixes and improvements :)


  • Ernesto JimĂ©nez
  • Joe Ferner