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a two ended EventEmitter connected through a Stream


connect two EventEmitters through a stream!

var RemoteEventEmitter = require('..')
var net = require('net')
var server = net.createServer(function (con) {
  var ree = new RemoteEventEmitter()
  ree.on('ping', function (time) {
    console.log('PING', time)
}).listen(2468, function () {
  var con = net.connect(2468)
  var ree = new RemoteEventEmitter()
  var time =
  ree.on('pong', function (_time) {
    console.log('PONG', _time, _time - time)
  ree.emit('ping', time)

You can pass in opts.wrap to RemoteEventEmitter to set the wrapper function that should be used by stream-serializer