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This plugin is made for the new parser in remark (micromark, see remarkjs/remark#536). Use this plugin for remark 13+.

If you don't need Pandoc compatibility you should consider using remark-directive.

Getting started

Fenced divs are some kind of generic syntax for block contents with a syntax similar to fenced code blocks but using a 3 colons ::: as delimiter instead of ```.

It allows a simple word used as a class in html:

::: my-class
This is a paragraph.

Will be rendered in html as:

<div class="my-div">
  <p>This is a paragraph.</p>

Or extended attributes syntax in curly braces:

::: {#navbar .container .right key=1 key2="value 2"}
This is a paragraph.

Will be rendered in html as:

<div id="navbar" class="container right" data-key1="1" data-key2="value 2">
  <p>This is a paragraph.</p>

Syntax details

From pandoc reference:

This implemenatation is incomplete PR are welcome.

  • [x] A Div must start at the beginning of a line: it mustn't be indented.
  • [x] A Div starts with a fence containing at least three consecutive colons plus some attributes.
  • [x] The attributes may optionally be followed by another string of consecutive colons.
  • [x] The attribute syntax is exactly as in fenced code blocks (see Extension: fenced_code_attributes). As with fenced code blocks, one can use either attributes in curly braces or
  • [x] a single unbraced word, which will be treated as a class name.
  • [x] The Div must ends with another line containing a string of at least three consecutive colons at the beginning of the line.
  • ~~The fenced Div should be separated by blank lines:~~
    • [ ] from preceding
    • [ ] and following blocks.
  • [ ] The fenced Div can be nested.

Other implementations details include:

  • A Div ends with a fence containing at least three consecutive colons plus some spaces.
  • If no closing fence is found, the container runs to the end of its parent container (block quote, list item, document, or other container).
  • A fenced div can be indented with up to 3 spaces.
  • It is not necessary to add a blank line before and after the fenced div.


Code adapted from:

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