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remap - reroute require for mocks, wrappers, or shenanigans#

open up node's module loading code and gives you control of what is happening.

basic examples##

load a module, but replace specific modules with a different implementation:

var Remapper = require ('remap')
  , remapper = new Remapper(module,{
//, ...
remapper.require('path/module-a') // will load 'newpath/module-b' instead.

remapper can also tell you the dependency tree of the module's it's loaded.


will give something like:

{ module: 
  { dependency: 
    { another: {}
    , etc:{}

reloading a module multiple times

var newCache = {}
  , modules = require ('remap/modules').useCache(newCache)
  , require2 = modules.makeRequire(module) //must pass in your module.
  , x = require2('xzy')

//now x will be cached in newCache, not require.cache

advanced usage

var modules = require ('remap/modules')
  , require2 = modules.makeRequire(module) //must pass in your module.

var x = require2('path/to/module/x')

x is the same as if you loaded it with require() x can load sub modules, and will see a require function. but it will be a require function created by remap.

makeRequire has a second argument, makeRequire(module,tools) which is a map to functions to use for the main parts of require's task:

  //resolve: called before load. returns [id,path/to/module]
  resolve: function (request,_module){
    return resolve.resolveModuleFilename(request,_module)
  }//_module is module doing the requesting.
  //load: returns the new module's exports. insert mocks & wrappers here.
, load: function (id, filename, parent, makeRequire,cache) {
    return modules.defaultLoad(id,filename,parent,makeRequire)

  //make: is called by default load, should return a new makeRequire 
  //that will be used by children of newModule.
, make: function (newModule){
    //returns a makeRequire function for the newly loaded module
    return modules.makeMake(newModule, tools)

this was composed by copy/pasting from and spliting it into multiple modules, adding exports, refactoring, testing and adding as little as possible.

I'll be the first to admit that alot of the code in here is a bit ugly, and further development will be forth coming...




npm i remap

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