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Remake helps frontend developers to reduce their window switches between browser, terminal and editor.

  • Works with any Makefile
  • Lets you use your preferred tools


npm install -g remake

How it should be used

  • Create a Makefile for your build
  • Run remake: remake .
  • Remake will start a web server for you
  • Add a keyboard shortcut to your editor

Unlike other reload tools Remake does not watch your files. You must start your build by making a http request:

$ curl http://localhost:3000/make/all

After the build completes Remake will tell the connected browsers to reload.

You should add the curl command to a keyboard shortcut in your editor. This lets you can see the output of your build directly in your editor without switching to the terminal.


Remake provides a middleware for connect / express.js. You can integrate it to your own app. Checkout bin/reload.js to see how it works.