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A command line script to format git log into something like a release announcement if commit log messages follow a particular convention.

N.B. This is probably not very useful to anyone else besides me at the moment.


% cd my/git/repo
% relnote <range>

...sends a template rendered with git-log info to stdout. range is a git log range like 0.4.0..0.4.1 or anything else git log understands. The output is not particularly useful, unless the commit log messages produced follow a convention (see below).

Pipe to your text editor for polishing, like:

% relnote 0.1.2..0.1.3 | bbedit

or to a file, like:

% relnote 0.0.1..0.0.2 > path/to/github/wiki/repo/Release-Notes-0.0.2


npm i -g relnote

commit log conventions

Log messages are categorized as one or more of the following, or "skipped", with some examples below:


patterns: anywhere in the message like [fix issue #123] or starting any line like "fix issue #123"


  • fix issue #123 the quick brown fox
  • fix bug 123 the quick brown fox
  • fix bz 123 the quick brown fox
  • fix #123 the quick brown fox
  • the quick brown [fix issue #123] fox jumped


patterns: starting any line like "feature:" or "new:"


  • feature: the quick brown fox
  • feature - the quick brown fox
  • new: the quick brown fox


patterns: starting any line like "note!", "important:", or "breaks:" etc

  • note! the quick brown fox
  • important: the quick brown fox
  • breaks: the quick brown fox
  • deprecates: the quick brown fox

thank yous

patterns: starting any line like "thanks"


  • thanks to the quick brown fox
  • thank you @quick @brown @fox

The rationale is to be compatible with [GitHub Flavored Markdown](GitHub Flavored Markdown) autolinking, and encourage a style that is scanable and readable like hand-edited release notes.

The phrase "starting any line" means for a commit log message like this:

Merge my big branch

new feature: fox even quicker, jumpier, browner
fixed issue #123 brown fox was slow
note: breaks compatibility with blue foxes
thanks @meganfox

...where "new", "fixed", "note", and "thanks" are preceeded by newlines, the example commit will be referenced in each category.

See also the source, and the tests.


Edit ./templates/ to change the template or reference your own. Add [handlebars](See helpers in ./templates/helpers.js or somewhere else, and reference them in the template.

Todo: parameterize template and helper, including specifying via http.


[GitHub Flavored Markdown](GitHub Flavored Markdown) will autolink lots of stuff. GFM patterns are compatible with the ones above, and should be used where possible for wiki pages and commit messages viewed on

Using the full sha hashes because the GFM lib expects them.

Regardless, I've commented out html rendering (uncommenting/adding a listener will re-enable it). Figure we'll just pipe to $EDITOR and paste onto the gh wiki.

See also man git-notes as a way to add notes seperate from the a commit.


Copyright (c) 2012 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. Copyrights licensed under the MIT License. See the accompanying LICENSE file for terms.