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    release-sns is a semantic-release plugin which sends an AWS SNS message to a configured topic when a new version of your package is released. It does not produce nor mutate a release changelog so it is most useful when paired with other generateNotes plugins using the release-multiple-note-generators plugin.

    The SNS message

    The SNS message published by release-sns will have the following format:

      "version": "v1.0.0",
      "changelog": "The changelog generated by whatever plugin(s) came before release-sns."


    1. Require this package and release-multiple-note-generators.

      yarn add --dev release-sns release-multiple-note-generators


      npm i --save-dev release-sns release-multiple-note-generators

    2. Configure your package.json.

      Ensure your package.json file has the following configuration for the "release" property.

        "release": {
          "generateNotes": {
            "path": "release-multiple-note-generators",
            "plugins": [
                "path": "@semantic-release/release-notes-generator"
                "path": "release-sns",
                "targetArn": "[The ARN associated with your topic or endpoint]",
                "region": "[The region in which your ARN exists]"

      Here we are using release-multiple-note-generators to specify multiple generateNotes plugins. First we invoke semantic-release's default release-notes-generator plugin which will preserve the release note generation which occurs by default. Then we specify release-sns which receives the changelog from the previous plugin and publishes it in an SNS message. The targetArn property is required. If region is not provided, release-sns will default to "us-east-1".

    3. Add AWS authentication environment variables to your CI builds.

      release-sns makes us of the AWS_ACCESS_KEY and AWS_SECRET_KEY environment variables in order to authenticate with AWS. You can create and view access keys by following these directions from Amazon.


    npm i release-sns

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