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    rehype plugin to highlight code blocks in HTML with Prism (via refractor) with additional line highlighting and line numbers functionalities.

    Inspired by and uses a compatible API as @mapbox/rehype-prism with additional support for line-highlighting and line numbers.

    Tested to work with xdm, MDX compiler.

    An appropriate stylesheet should be loaded to style the language tokens, format line numbers and highlight lines.

    Best suited for usage in Node. If you would like to perform syntax highlighting in the browser, you should look into less heavy ways to use refractor.


    npm install rehype-prism-plus


    Use this package as a rehype plugin.

    Some examples of how you might do that:

    import rehype from 'rehype'
    import rehypePrism from 'rehype-prism-plus'
    rehype().use(rehypePrism).process(/* some html */)

    Here's an example of syntax highlighting in Markdown, with xdm

    import { compile } from 'xdm'
    import rehypePrism from 'rehype-prism-plus'
    async function main(code) {
      console.log(String(await compile(code, { rehypePlugins: [rehypePrism] })))

    Sample markdown to HTML output


    ```js {1,3-4} showLineNumbers
    function fancyAlert(arg) {
      if (arg) {
        $.facebox({ div: '#foo' })

    HTML Output:

    <code class="language-js">
      <div class="code-line line-number highlight-line" line="1">
        <span class="keyword">function</span>
        <span class="function">fancyAlert</span><span class="punctuation">(</span
        ><span class="">arg</span><span class="punctuation">)</span>
        <span class="punctuation">{</span>
      <div class="code-line line-number highlight-line" line="2">
        <span class="keyword">if</span>
        <span class="punctuation">(</span>arg<span class="punctuation">)</span>
        <span class="punctuation">{</span>
      <div class="code-line line-number" line="3">
        $<span class="punctuation">.</span><span class="function">facebox</span
        ><span class="punctuation">(</span><span class="punctuation">{</span> div<span class="">:</span>
        <span class="string">'#foo'</span>
        <span class="punctuation">}</span><span class="punctuation">)</span>
      <div class="code-line line-number" line="4">
        <span class="punctuation">}</span>
      <div class="code-line line-number" line="5">
        <span class="punctuation">}</span>


    To style the language tokens, you can just copy them from any prismjs compatible ones. Here's a list of themes.

    In addition, the following styles should be added for line highlighting and line numbers to work correctly:

    pre {
      overflow-x: auto;
     * Inspired by gatsby remark prism -
     * 1. Make the element just wide enough to fit its content.
     * 2. Always fill the visible space in .code-highlight.
    .code-highlight {
      float: left; /* 1 */
      min-width: 100%; /* 2 */
    .code-line {
      display: block;
      padding-left: 16px;
      padding-right: 16px;
      margin-left: -16px;
      margin-right: -16px;
      border-left-width: 4px;
      border-left-color: rgb(31, 41, 55); /* Set code block color */
    .highlight-line {
      margin-left: -16px;
      margin-right: -16px;
      background-color: rgba(55, 65, 81, 0.5); /* Set highlight bg color */
      border-left-width: 4px;
      border-left-color: rgb(59, 130, 246); /* Set highlight accent border color */
    .line-number::before {
      padding-right: 16px;
      margin-left: -8px;
      color: rgb(156, 163, 175); /* Line number color */
      content: attr(line);

    Here's the styled output using the prism-night-owl theme:


    For more information on styling of language tokens, consult refractor and Prism.


    rehype().use(rehypePrism, [options])

    Syntax highlights pre > code. Under the hood, it uses refractor, which is a virtual version of Prism.

    The code language is configured by setting a language-{name} class on the <code> element. You can use any language supported by refractor.

    If no language-{name} class is found on a <code> element, it will be skipped.



    Type: boolean. Default: false.

    By default, if {name} does not correspond to a language supported by refractor an error will be thrown.

    If you would like to silently skip <code> elements with invalid languages or support line numbers and line highlighting for code blocks without a specified language, set this option to true.


    Type: boolean. Default: false.

    By default, line numbers will only be displayed for code block cells with a meta property that includes 'showLineNumbers'.

    If you would like to show line numbers for all code blocks, without specifying the meta property, set this to true.

    Note: This will wrongly assign a language class and the class might appear as language-{1,3} or language-showLineNumbers, but allow the language highlighting and line number function to work. An possible approach would be to add a placeholder like unknown so the div will have class="language-unknown"


    Why does rehype-prism copy the language- class to the <pre> tag?

    Prism recommends adding the language- class to the <code> tag like this:

    <pre><code class="language-css">p { color: red }</code></pre>

    It bases this recommendation on the HTML5 spec. However, an undocumented behavior of their JavaScript is that, in the process of highlighting the code, they also copy the language- class to the <pre> tag:

    ><code class="language-css"><span class="token selector">p</span> <span class="token punctuation">{</span> <span class="token property">color</span><span class="token punctuation">:</span> red <span class="token punctuation">}</span></code></pre>

    This resulted in many Prism themes relying on this behavior by using CSS selectors like pre[class*="language-"]. So in order for people using rehype-prism to get the most out of these themes, we decided to do the same.


    npm i rehype-prism-plus@1.0.0





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