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Organize regexes for your app, non-shittily.


var regret = require('regret');
// Register a base ISO date regex you'll want to use in other patterns
// Use moustaches to use pre-registered patterns
regret.add('mongodb.log', /({{date.iso}}+) \[(\w+)\](?:\s{2})(.*)/,
  '2014-02-13T18:00:04.709-0500 [initandlisten] db version v2.5.6-pre-',
  ['date', 'name', 'message']);
regret.add('mongodb.logShutdown', /(\w+)\:(?:\s{1})(.*)/,
  'dbexit: really exiting now', ['name', 'message']);
// You'll also get nice named captures like you can with `?P<>` in python:
var text = '2014-02-18T14:34:06.272-0500 [clientcursormon]  mapped (incl journal view):320',
  res = regret('mongodb.log', text);
console.log('Log Date: ', new Date(;
// Log Date:  Tue Feb 18 2014 14:34:06 GMT-0500 (EST)
console.log('MongoDB Thread Name: ',;
// MongoDB Thread Name:  clientcursormon
// console.log('Log Message: ', res.message);
Log Message: mapped (incl journal view):320


The invention of the Regular Expression is right up there next to antiseptic. How many times have you copy and pasted the email regex? Or even worse, come across a constants/RegularExpressionsImpl.js? I say, enough of this madness. Regular expressions are beautiful things that deserve better. Now, let's all stop copy and pasting validation regexes from stackoverflow, k?

regret.add(name, pattern, example, [capture keys])

Register a new regex pattern with a required example so you don't have to deal with the code-review-haters and an optional array of [capture keys] that give each (<magic>) in your pattern a property name in the result.

regret(name, input)

Match input against a regex you already registered as name and return a nice object with the captures. See you in hell matches[1] matches[2]! Optionally, set name to a regex to test against multiple registered matchers, for example:

res = regret('mongodb.log', 'dbexit: really exiting now');
console.log('result:', res);
// result: null
res = regret(/^mongodb/, 'dbexit: really exiting now');
console.log('result:', res);
// result: {name: 'dbexit', message: 'really exiting now'}


  • look for and automatically add regrets from package.json
  • make regret-usual-suspects that has all the common crud, like commonregexjs with phone numbers, email (fuck yes!), and other things you just shouldn't have to think about